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Technical Info

  • Number of Trees: 10,000

  • Litres Produced: 12,000

  • Terroir/Soils: Calcium rich limestone

  • Cultivars Grown: Frantoio, Mission, Coratina

  • Styles Produced: Medium, Delicate, Intense

  • CTC Member: Yes

  • Other Products: Table olives, olive preserves, chutneys, olive spices and soap products made from olive oil.



  • Tasting: By appointment

  • Functions: 200 pax

  • Other Activities: Champion Stud farm, Riethuiskraal Stud


Tasting Notes

Great care is taken to ensure the health of the soil, trees and fruit. The olives are pressed immediately after harvesting to prevent any fermentation. The delicate oil is made from Mission olives, producing a soft, fruity flavour. Frantoio olives produce a medium style oil with well balanced fruit. Coratina olives are used for our intense oil with strong, fruity and peppery flavours loved by the connoisseur.


History & Culture

Established in 1833, Kransfontein is an amalgamation of four adjacent farms, three of which were owned by author Wilbur Smith who wrote many of his first novels here. In 2000, Adv. Altus Joubert SC, bought the farms, planted 10,000 olive trees and with the help of Prof. Ben Farrell, doyen of SA landscapes architecture, transformed the farms into a place of tranquility and beauty. Conditions are perfect for growing olives. Besides table olives, the farm produces olive preserves, chutneys, olive spices and soap products made from olive oil.


Awards 2018

Silver – SAO (delicate) – Estate Mission
Silver – SAO (intense) – Coratina
Silver – SAO (medium) – Directors Reserve
Bronze – SAO (medium) – Frantoio
Special Mention – Sol D’Oro Southern Hemisphere (delicate) – Mission

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