The Guide to Extra Virgin Olive Oil in South Africa (EVOOSA) is not simply a reference listing, it is a catalogue of the successes of our producers. EVOOSA creates a platform for a deep connection between producers and consumers and acts as a springboard to interaction with the local and international EVOO industry and the media. Scroll down to discover how it all started and how it has grown.


Besides the website, we publish a FREE annual booklet (15x15cm with roughly 80 pages), providing general information about EVOO and a comprehensive guide to local producers with details on their products, availability, whereabouts, annual harvest characteristics and awards. You can download a PDF copy here.


Distribution of 10,000 copies for 2019:

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Advertisement -    The Olive Specialists

Advertisement - The Olive Specialists


During the last stages of harvest in May, all known producers are invited to participate in the guide, either as "Featured Producers” or "Listed Producers”, regardless of the size of their operation.

Featured Producers receive a double-page profile in the printed guide (as depicted below), including an in-depth online profile, not to mention year-round marketing and publicity through our various media channels.


Listed Producers receive a quarter-page profile in the printed guide (as depicted below), including a basic online profile, not to mention year-round marketing and publicity through our various media channels.


All other producers (non-participating) are indexed with their phone number, in the printed guide and on the website, making our guide the most comprehensive guide to EVOO in SA.

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Hi, I’m Glynis van Rooyen: journalist, photographer, tour guide, traveller and lover of all the good, REAL, things in life.

Writing about authentic people and experiences, understanding the input, respecting the effort and challenges, and enjoying the rewards, has always been my passion. Creating a way to  share this passion through publications and the internet, has been a most rewarding lifestyle. What better office is there than the open road to a farm or cellar, tasting EVOO and wine, and hearing the stories behind the scenes?

As a publisher and writer of guides to wineries in different regions of South Africa, I came across winegrowers who also produced EVOO. I found the beautiful culture of wine embracing the culture of extra virgin olive oil, one season melting into the other and lending greater sustainability to both endeavours. Knowing that the same consumer who appreciates good wine, probably appreciates extra virgin olive oil prompted me to include olive oil in my wine guides, but research uncovered a different direction:

  • Whilst both products are eminently suitable for a tasting and tourism culture, only a few farmers grow both olives and grapes.

  • Olive farming has its own culture, close to the earth and hailing from man’s earliest history of nutrition and health. It is rooted in respect for the earth and the trees, resulting in authentic, home-grown, farm-to-table products and experiences.

  • The majority of olive growers concentrate on olives only and most often do not have facilities for tasting or tourism. However, there are several who have opened their doors to visitors and want to share their bounty, thus entering the agricultural tourism sphere by offering accommodation or a restaurant or both.

  • Producers are farmers who are often not marketing savvy or don’t have budgets for marketing their products. They need to raise the consumer interest in EVOO but do not feel individually empowered to do anything.

  • I found that the general consumer does not know what EVOO is, does not know about its health benefits and is totally confused by the imported, cheaper product available.

Consumers need to be informed and producers need a platform to market their product, hence... a guide!

Using the highly successful format of our wine guides, and based on research into both the industry and consumer requirements, the first guide to EVOO in SA was published in 2013, and has gone from strength to strength since then.

We believe that the EVOO industry in SA is poised to leap forward into greater production, increased domestic consumption, increased export and subsequently, unprecedented growth. We relish the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the world of EVOO and to be an active partner in this growth.


The Guide to Extra Virgin Olive Oil in South Africa (EVOOSA):

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