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Technical Info

  • Number of Trees: 200,000

  • Terroir/Soils: Lime-rich Karoo Soil

  • Cultivars Grown: Coratina, Favolosa, Frantoio, Leccino, Piqual, Barnea, Mission, Nocellara, Kalamata, Arbequina

  • Styles Produced: Intense, Medium, Delicate & Flavoured

  • CTC Member: Yes

  • Buy Online: Yes

  • Other Products: A range of naturally fermented and flavoured olives, tapenade, olive pestos and balsamic vinegars.



  • Tasting: Mon to Fri: 9am – 4:30pm
    Farm tours & group tastings per appointment.


Tasting Notes

Directors’ Reserve: Dominant aromas of artichokes and green olives are accentuated with notes of rocket and walnut with a satisfying bitterness and tingling pungency to present a complex and full rounded flavour

Estate Blend: Aromas of freshly cut grass and a hint of apple and almonds combine to deliver a pleasant flavour profile of medium intensity.

Nuy Valley:  This delicate olive oil is a healthy choice for cooking, baking and mayonnaise and will add flavour and nutrition to every meal.

Privé: Exclusively made from the first 0,1% of our annual harvest, Privé is a limited edition of our finest, early harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Privé is made for the connoisseur by the connoisseur.


History & Culture

Willow Creek Olive Estate is nestled in the picturesque Nuy Valley between Worcester and Robertson, an area considered one of the Cape Winelands’ best-kept secrets. Purveyors of quality, Willow Creek values the local and international accolades they have achieved over the past 16 years as a testament to their commitment to excellence and an acknowledgement of the endless hard work and passion that drives them. From Extra Virgin Olive Oil to a wide variety of table olives and tapenades, quality is the prime target and for the team at Willow Creek, the best prize of all is sharing their passion with olive lovers around the world.

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